The Best Coolers With Wheels

Shelly Anderson
15 min readApr 19, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the coolest coolers with wheels! In this article, we’re diving into the world of portable, easy-to-move coolers that are perfect for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re heading to the beach, camping, or tailgating, our picks are guaranteed to keep your drinks and snacks cold and within reach. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the ultimate cooler with wheels!

The Top 10 Best Coolers With Wheels

  1. Large Igloo Wheeled Cooler for Fun and Style — The Igloo Overland 52 qt Ice Chest Cooler with Wheels — a durable, extra-large portable cooler designed for adventures, featuring superior insulation and various convenient features.
  2. Coleman Large Wheeled Cooler — 65-qt. Gray — The Coleman 316 Series 65-qt. Wheeled Cooler, featuring a fully insulated lid and body, heavy-duty wheels, and molded cup holders, is the perfect large cooler for outdoor adventures and tailgating.
  3. Igloo 52 Qt Marine Ice Chest Cooler with Wheels — Rugged and versatile Igloo 52-quart Marine 5-Day wheeled cooler with ample ice retention and convenient marine-grade features, perfect for fishing trips or outdoor gatherings on a boat or at a marina.
  4. Igloo Latitude 90 Quart Rolling Cooler for Any Adventure — The Igloo Latitude 90 Quart Rolling Cooler, featuring all-terrain wheels and a flip and tow handle, provides a portable and durable solution for maintaining a chilled environment, holding up to 137 cans, and featuring an insulated lid and body.
  5. 60 Quart Igloo Roller Cooler with Low Profile Liner — Tactical Gray/Carbonite — Experience ultimate convenience with the Igloo Latitude Roller Cooler, offering a compact 60-quart capacity, 4 lid cupholders, and ergonomic telescoping handle for easy maneuverability.
  6. Igloo 5-Gallon Beverage Roller Cooler — Majestic Blue — Keep your crew hydrated and refreshed with the Igloo 5-Gallon Sport Roller Cooler, a portable, insulated dispenser with leak-resistant features, perfect for outdoor sports events.
  7. Wheeled Cooler with Cool Riser Technology — 16Qt, 4.34lbs — Upgrade your outdoor experience with the Igloo Latitude 16 Roller Cooler, featuring wheels for easy transport, molded-in handles, and Cool Riser Technology for superior cooling performance.
  8. Portable Cooler with Wheels and Insulation — For those looking to stay refreshed during their outdoor escapades, the Igloo Latitude 30-Quart Roller Cooler boasts environmentally responsible insulation and a hassle-free towing experience.
  9. Deep Freeze 60 Rolling Collapsible Cooler — All Terrain Cart and Big Wheels — Keep your food and drinks chilled and easily accessible with Titan Deep Freeze 60 Rolling Collapsible Cooler, equipped with a radiant heat barrier and Big Wheel All Terrain Cart.
  10. Clevr Portable Wicker Rolling Ice Chest Cooler 80Q — Unleash the party with Clevr’s 80-quart wicker ice cooler, perfect for keeping drinks fresh and easy to access, featuring a stylish brown rattan exterior, stainless steel bottle opener, smooth wheels, and ample storage space for your essentials.

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Large Igloo Wheeled Cooler for Fun and Style


The Igloo Overland cooler is an adventure-ready gem for any outdoor enthusiast. Boasting superior ice retention and built-in locks, this cooler ensures your provisions stay fresh throughout your journeys.

Its thick foam-insulated walls and secure latches provide the perfect level of protection. And, with its convenient features like the bottle opener and threaded drain plug, your outdoor trips become even more effortless. However, you may find it somewhat cumbersome to maneuver due to its bulkiness and weight.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a large capacity cooler that can handle any terrain, this Igloo Overland might just be the one for you.

Coleman Large Wheeled Cooler — 65-qt. Gray


The Coleman 316 Series 65-qt. Wheeled Cooler offers the perfect blend of adventure, comfort, and practicality.

With a spacious 65-quart capacity, it fits comfortably in the trunk of your vehicle or can be wheeled behind you with the heavy-duty 6-inch wheels and telescoping handles. The cooler’s insulated lid and body can keep ice for up to four days, ensuring your drinks stay cold even on sweltering days.

The molded cup holders on the lid help prevent spills, while the 250-pound capacity lid also works as an extra seat. Whether you’re tailgating, camping, or hitting the beach, this cooler has you covered.

Igloo 52 Qt Marine Ice Chest Cooler with Wheels


The Igloo Marine 5-day wheeled cooler has been a game-changer for me on various outdoor adventures. Its rugged design and marine-grade features make it the perfect companion for fishing trips, camping excursions, or even backyard barbecues. I love the UV-inhibitor protection and ultratherm insulation in both the body and lid, which ensure that my drinks and snacks stay fresh and cold for hours.

One feature that really stood out to me was the locking telescoping handle with a gear hanger. It made it incredibly easy to pull the cooler around while keeping my hands free. The non-marking soft ride rally wheels were also a great addition, as they allowed me to move the cooler effortlessly across both wet and dry surfaces without causing any damage.

The built-in condiment shelf and Cool Riser Technology added a touch of convenience and organization to the cooler. I also appreciated the 2 removable fishing rod holders and 2 additional drink holders, which came in handy during various occasions.

However, as with any product, there were some drawbacks. The largest downside for me was that the cooler didn’t live up to its claimed 5-day ice retention in the scorching heat. Ice typically lasted only 2 days, which was quite disappointing. Additionally, the locking lid or tie-down loops were a bit cumbersome to use and took some getting used to.

Overall, I would still highly recommend this Igloo Marine 5-day wheeled cooler. Its pros outweigh the cons, making it a solid choice for anyone seeking a reliable and versatile cooler for their outdoor activities.

Igloo Latitude 90 Quart Rolling Cooler for Any Adventure


The Igloo Latitude 90 Quart Rolling Cooler is a versatile and practical cooler for outdoor enthusiasts. Its oversized wheels ensure all-terrain mobility, making it ideal for camping trips or picnics in various environments. Equipped with a comfortable swing-up rear handle, this cooler makes lifting and loading a breeze. Its hybrid latches promise a secure lid closure while the oversized durable hinges provide added durability.

Despite its many features, the cooler does have a few drawbacks. The cooler has a latitude 90 Quart capacity that accommodates 137 cans, perfect for large gatherings. However, it can be quite heavy, weighing in at 22.4 lbs. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the handle’s sturdiness and locking mechanisms, which can make hauling and securing the cooler difficult at times.

Overall, the Igloo Latitude 90 Quart Rolling Cooler is a great option for those seeking a high-capacity, portable cooler with durable construction. Though it may face a few setbacks in terms of handle quality and weight, its versatile features and insulation capabilities make it a worthy investment for those who value convenience and performance.

60 Quart Igloo Roller Cooler with Low Profile Liner — Tactical Gray/Carbonite


The Igloo 60 Quart Latitude Roller Cooler is a convenient and stylish addition to any outdoor gathering. With a 60 quart capacity, this cooler can hold up to 90 cans, making it perfect for parties, picnics, and beach days. The low profile liner ensures easy transport and storage, while the 4 lid cupholders and condiment shelf liner provide added convenience.

The locking telescoping handle with gear hander hooks offers easy maneuverability, and the triple snap drainplug ensures quick and easy cleanup. Available in the sleek tactical gray/carbonite color, this cooler is sure to turn heads. However, some users have mentioned that the handle could be more sturdy and the ice retention may not be as long-lasting as higher-end coolers.

Overall, this cooler is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable and functional cooler with wheels.

Igloo 5-Gallon Beverage Roller Cooler — Majestic Blue


I recently tried out the Igloo 5-Gallon Beverage Roller Cooler, and I must say, it was a game-changer! The 5-gallon capacity was perfect for keeping my team hydrated and refreshed during our outdoor sports games. The insulated dispenser kept the drinks cold, making this cooler a great investment.

One feature that stood out to me was the Locking Gasket. It prevented any potential spills during transport, keeping the drinks inside neat and tidy. However, I did notice that the lid could be a bit tough to close at times, but once it was locked in place, it held firm.

The Leak-resistant Lid also proved to be helpful in keeping dirt and other unwanted substances away from the spigot. This made it easier to pour drinks for my team without worrying about contamination. Despite the improvements, I did experience a small leak from the top of the spigot when the cooler was tilted, so it’s essential to be mindful of its position.

The Moulded-in-Side Handles were great for easy access, making it simple for everyone to refill their cups without any hassle. However, the cooler was quite heavy when full, which made it a bit tiresome to maneuver it around. It would have been better if it came with wheels as advertised.

The Elevated Design was a fantastic advantage, as it kept the grass and dirt away from the spigot, providing a more sanitary way to enjoy our beverages. Overall, I enjoyed using the Igloo Beverage Roller Cooler, but there’s always room for improvement.

In conclusion, the 5-Gallon Sport Roller Cooler from Igloo is an excellent investment for those seeking a convenient and portable option to keep beverages cold during outdoor activities. Its strong points include its insulated dispenser and elevated design, keeping drinks fresh and clean. With a few changes and improvements, this cooler could truly be a top-notch product for all.

Wheeled Cooler with Cool Riser Technology — 16Qt, 4.34lbs


I recently used the Igloo Latitude 16 Roller Cooler for a family weekend getaway and it was a game-changer. The wheels made it incredibly easy to transport and the size was perfect for our needs. The locking, telescoping handle was a great addition, providing a smooth and sturdy way to move the cooler around. I also appreciated the molded-in side handles for easy loading and unloading, especially when dealing with heavier items.

However, I did encounter a few issues. The molded scoop side handles, while convenient, can sometimes get in the way when you’re trying to load or unload the cooler. Also, the bail handle, while useful for carrying the cooler up stairs or bleachers, should be located towards the back to balance the weight of the wheels and telescoping handle, as mentioned by another user.

Adding to the positive aspects, the integrated pouring channels in the liner made draining melted ice a breeze, and the Cool Riser Technology made a significant difference in the cooling performance. The THERMECOOL Foam Cleaner insulation was a nice eco-friendly touch.

Overall, the Igloo Latitude 16 Roller Cooler was a convenient and reliable choice for our weekend away. The pros definitely outweighed the cons, making it a great addition to any outdoor adventure.

Portable Cooler with Wheels and Insulation


Embark on your next outdoor adventure with the Igloo Latitude 30-Quart Roller Cooler. Its medium size makes it a convenient option for keeping drinks and food chilled for your excursions.

Equipped with environmentally friendly THERMECOOL insulation, this cooler guarantees a comfortable chill for your perishable items. With sturdy side handles and telescoping wheels, transporting your cooler becomes an enjoyable and effortless task, regardless of whether you’re pushing or pulling. Additionally, the Igloo Cool Riser Technology ensures your contents remain cold by elevating your cooler off any warm or hot surfaces.

Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach, camping, or spending time at the park, the Igloo Latitude 30 Roller Cooler promises to keep your adventure the coolest.

Deep Freeze 60 Rolling Collapsible Cooler — All Terrain Cart and Big Wheels


Imagine spending a weekend at a picnic with a group of friends, where you needed a reliable cooler to keep your drinks and food cold for hours. The Titan Deep Freeze 60 Rolling Collapsible Cooler was my savior in this scenario. Its exterior, crafted with water and stain-resistant Rhino-Tech material, stood up to whatever spills we had.

The cooler’s interior was a marvel. It boasted DeepFreeze insulation that kept the ice intact for an incredible 3 days! Plus, the added radiant heat barrier and triple layer Cold Block base ensured excellent cooling performance. The cooler also came with an easy-access lid, two drink holders, and a removable bottle opener, making it the perfect companion for any picnic.

One of the most notable features was the convenient New Big Wheel All Terrain Cart. This cart, designed to hold up to 100 pounds, effortlessly rolled thanks to its oversized wheels. It was adaptable and could be used without the cooler for added versatility.

However, there was one shortcoming — the cart could be slightly cumbersome when not in use. But, once the cooler and cart were both collapsed, they took up relatively minimal space. Overall, the Titan Deep Freeze 60 Rolling Collapsible Cooler proved to be a game-changer for my picnic adventures, combining durability and performance.

Clevr Portable Wicker Rolling Ice Chest Cooler 80Q


Recently, I had the pleasure of trying the Clevr Outdoor Patio Rolling Cooler 80 Qt Wicker Ice Beer Chest Cart Brown Rattan. This rolling cooler is perfect for keeping your food and drinks chilled at a party or while lounging by the poolside.

The exterior rattan finish not only looks stylish but also feels comfortable to touch, making it a great addition to any outdoor gathering. The interior has a polypropylene lining which effectively keeps the contents cool and well-organized. Additionally, the cooler features a bottle opener and a bottle cap catch bin, adding to the convenience of its design.

One of the standout features of this cooler is its portability. With its wheels and easy-to-grip handles, moving it around is a breeze. However, at 37 pounds, it’s not exactly lightweight, which can make it a bit challenging for people with weaker upper body strength.

All in all, the Clevr Outdoor Patio Rolling Cooler is a fantastic investment for those looking to keep their food and drinks cool and stylish while enjoying the great outdoors.

Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to our buyer’s guide for coolers with wheels. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the essential features and considerations when purchasing a cooler on wheels. We’ve designed this guide to provide you with all the relevant information on wheeled coolers, making your buying experience an informed and enjoyable one.


Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of the cooler are vital factors to consider when looking for a wheeled cooler. Consider the amount of food and beverages you plan to carry, as this will determine the size of the cooler needed. Wheeled coolers come in various sizes, ranging from small personal coolers to large commercial models. Ensure the cooler can accommodate your needs without being too large or cumbersome to transport.


One of the most important factors in a cooler with wheels is insulation. A well-insulated cooler will keep your food and drinks cold for an extended period, even when it’s exposed to warm environments. Look for coolers with high-density foam insulation, double-walled construction, or reflective insulation to ensure optimal performance. In addition, some high-end models even include ice retention technology, which allows the cooler to maintain its temperature for several days.


Wheel and Handle Design

The wheel and handle design of a cooler with wheels can significantly impact portability and durability. Opt for coolers with heavy-duty wheels that offer smooth and effortless maneuverability. Look for coolers with recessed wheels to minimize clearance issues when transporting the cooler in tight spaces. The handle should be ergonomic, sturdy, and designed to provide a comfortable grip for easy handling. Make sure the handle is made of durable materials to withstand regular use.

Additional Features

When shopping for a wheeled cooler, consider additional features that can enhance your experience. These may include: built-in cup holders, drain plugs for easy cleaning, lockable lids to prevent unauthorized access, and bottle openers. Additionally, look for coolers with sturdy latches to secure the lid and prevent spills. Furthermore, consider choosing a cooler with a UV-resistant exterior to protect it from the sun’s harsh rays.



What types of coolers with wheels are available in the market?

There are several types of coolers with wheels available, including rooftop coolers, portable coolers, and rolling coolers. Rooftop coolers are designed for vehicles, while portable coolers can be used for outdoor events and picnics. Rolling coolers are versatile, allowing you to transport your food and drinks conveniently.

Different coolers with wheels cater to various needs, so it is essential to consider the size, capacity, and special features when selecting the right one for your usage. Additionally, assess features such as durability, ease of handling, and insulation to ensure it meets your requirements effectively.


How do coolers with wheels work, and what makes them unique from traditional coolers?

Coolers with wheels operate on the same principle as traditional coolers, which is to keep the food and beverages inside cold and refreshing. They differ in their portability, thanks to the wheels that allow the user to move them around easily without any hassle. Additionally, coolers with wheels often have a larger capacity than traditional coolers, making them perfect for outdoor events and long trips.

Another significant advantage of coolers with wheels is their ease of movement. Unlike traditional coolers, which can be cumbersome and challenging to carry around, these roll-on coolers make it easy to transport the cooler from one location to another. They also have sturdy wheels that can withstand different terrains and weights, making them the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure.

Can I use coolers with wheels for ice and frozen foods?

Yes, coolers with wheels are designed to keep ice and frozen foods cold for extended periods. Most coolers with wheels are equipped with insulation that helps maintain the temperature. However, it is crucial to choose a cooler with a sufficient capacity to accommodate the volume of ice you require to keep your food frozen.

Some coolers also come with an in-built freezer, which allows you to freeze your food before placing it inside. This additional feature is especially useful for items like ice cream, which need to be frozen and ready to serve at all times. Ensure you select a cooler with wheels that is designed for this purpose, and it will make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable.


What are the key features to look for when selecting a cooler with wheels?

When selecting a cooler with wheels, consider the following features: insulation — the cooler should have adequate insulation to maintain the temperature, size — choose a cooler that meets your needs for space and storage, weight handling capacity — ensure the cooler can handle the weight of the items you need to transport, and durability — choose a cooler that is built to last, with sturdy wheels and a strong frame.

Additionally, look for features such as adjustable shelves, bottle openers, and built-in freezers. These features can enhance your outdoor experience by providing added convenience and organization. Before making a purchase, it is vital to research different brands and models and read customer reviews to determine the best cooler with wheels for your specific requirements.

What is the average cost of a cooler with wheels?

The cost of coolers with wheels varies depending on the brand, size, and features. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 for a cooler with wheels, depending on your specific needs and preferences. It is vital to remember that the more features a cooler has, the higher the price point will be.

Make sure to set a budget before you begin your search for a cooler with wheels, and this will help narrow down your options and make the selection process more manageable. Be sure also to read customer reviews, compare prices and features, and check for any ongoing promotions or discounts to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Are coolers with wheels suitable for all types of terrains?

Coolers with wheels are designed to offer convenience and ease of movement, making them suitable for most terrains. They typically feature sturdy wheels that can handle different surfaces, including gravel, sand, and pavement. For rougher terrains or steep inclines, it is advisable to choose a heavy-duty cooler with wheels that can handle the extra weight and stress.

However, not all coolers with wheels are created equal, so it is essential to consider the terrains you will encounter while using the cooler. Look for coolers with wheels that are designed for your specific outdoor activities and the types of terrains you will be encountering. This will help ensure the cooler’s durability and longevity in the long run.

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